My Mantra

It was unintended of course but a number of my former students as well as many of my new friends have zeroed in on my use of the phrase, “most of history is the history of the unintended.” This phrase has become, unintentionally, my unofficial motto or mantra if you will. What is intentional is my desire to present history as real life as opposed to some carefully calculated, orchestrated, rehearsed and implemented strategic plan. We often study history in a carefully calculated and orchestrated manner but just because we study history that way should not imply that it happened that way. If you want a pretty good clue as to how things actually happened for people in the past, take a moment to reflect on how your own life has unfolded and is unfolding now. If your life seems to be more a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (to quote Winston Churchill), you have captured the essence of life as people have always experienced it and, in that sense, the study of history can truly become an exercise in self discovery.

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