Holding the Tensions

The Christian faith is full of tensions that make living the faith difficult at times.  Christians have been wrestling with these tensions for over two thousand years.  Though we would like to finally resolve some of these tensions and be done with them, I would suggest that a great part of learning to live life with true joy and freedom is found in learning to navigate life’s tensions rather than trying to fix or control them.  I just thought that I would list a few of the tensions apparent in the Christian faith that make it a challenging way to think and live, because after all, Christianity is a faith that demands both orthodoxy and orthopraxy.  That, by the way, is the first tension.

Trintitarian Theology- God is 3 and 1, that is not even good math but it is the long standing testimony of the church since the first century.  How this understanding of God works itself out logically and theologically is, well, it’s a tension.

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, simultaneously, one person, two natures, where the two natures are not in conflict with one another.

The Church is the body of Christ, visible and invisible, one and many, born of the spirit yet struggling with sin.

Christians claim to be citizens of two worlds, heaven and earth.  How does that work exactly?  So do we strive for justice and mercy in this world or believe that God will provide them in heaven?  Or is the answer yes?

According to our faith, Christians are incarnate spirits living through the power of Jesus’ resurrection.  So we are more than our bodies and we live everyday via a power that defeated death. 

I think that is enough for today.  Just listing these six tensions left me needing a nap.  If you manage to resolve any one of these during the next week please let me know so I can cross it off my list.  Oh, and explain to me how you did it so I’ll have material for my next blog.

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