Not A Minute Too Soon

Well, I sat and sat trying to think of a really thoughtful blog topic to end 2009 and start 2010.  I pondered my way through any number of mind numbing possibilities from quotes and commentary from the Desert Fathers/Mothers to the ever ready “lives of the Reformers” to “what’s wrong with the church anyway” to personal reflections on my life and how I want to do better in the future.  Thankfully both of us were saved from these less than worthwhile entries by a Facebook post from a friend/colleague.  He suggested I read an article and I spent the next ten minutes laughing. 

Call it desparate for an idea or call it finding a better way to end 2009 and start 2010.  Either way, it came and not a minute too soon.  The point is, I am grateaful that my sober, serious attempts at starting a new year were highjacked just in time in favor of a choice I find much more compelling and healthy.  Considering the great  unknown that faces all of us, the history yet unwritten that we will experience, the people, places, events and circumstances we will encounter, I am inviting you to begin 2010 with a sense of humor.  I have decided to laugh my way into the next decade.

So, in the spirit that gave Scrooge a new lease on life and made him a much nicer person to be around, I end 2009 by turning my blog over to Dave Barry.  May the New Year begin with a gut splitting laugh and a sense that no matter what 2010 holds for us, we will live it and, after all, living it is so much better than the alternative.

Happy New Year!

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